People with prediabetes/diabetes enjoy Potluck Puzzle Discussion Books™ because they:

  • Are fun, colorful and interactive
  • Directly address commonly asked questions
  • Are empowering and increase self confidence about diabetes knowledge
  • Have a strong emphasis on nutrition
  • Are Entertaining and motivating
  • Are great gifts for friends and family
  • Are a fun new approach to help friends and family understand diabetes
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    Professionals enjoy Potluck Puzzle Discussion Books™ because they:

  • Are full of colorful and fun images which capture a patient’s interest
  • Are effective in creating an interactive learning environment
  • Are an efficient way to assess which topics need to be covered in more depth with patients
  • Cover and reinforce the ADA’s 10 content areas for learning about DM
  • Are a fun activity for patients to enjoy while they wait for appointments
  • Encourage patient questions and interaction
  • Reinforce diabetes and nutrition education
  • Are a fun interactive activity for diabetes classes
  • Are fun Giveaways
  • Are perfect Health Fairs, Trade shows & Conferences