What Can I Eat? INDIA (Quantities > 100)

What Can I Eat? INDIA (Quantities > 100)

WHAT CAN I EAT? INDIA is a 20 page Discussion Book™ designed specifically for the food and culture of India to help prevent and control diabetes.

WHAT CAN I EAT? INDIA, thoughtfully helps people from India who are at risk or have prediabetes/diabetes look at how they currently eat and by the end of the book, what they can do differently to help prevent and control diabetes.

Potluck Puzzle Discussion Books™ are designed to reinforce important nutrition topics for people striving to make healthy food choices.

Topics covered include:

  • Self-Assessment
  • Identifying Indian foods which contain carbohydrates
  • Choosing Indian foods that are good sources of fiber
  • How to balance your meals and find moderation
  • Choosing protein foods with meals
  • Restaurant ordering
  • Many suggestions on how to eat to achieve a healthy weight without going on a diet

Bonus sections at the end of the book provides an opportunity for selecting 1 or 2 new positive food habits to focus on and a listing of the "Amount of Carbohydrates in Commonly Eaten Foods in an Indian Diet".

Potluck Puzzle Discussion Books™ are full of fun, colorful pictures and use all types of puzzles to deliver important education include matching, multiple choice, crossword puzzles, fact or fiction, fill in the blank and word searches. Most pages include brief statements below many of the puzzles which are designed to reinforce important concepts and an answer key is included at the end of each book.

Potluck Puzzle Discussion Books™ were created by a Registered Dietitian who saw a need for a colorful, picture-filled education tool that would create a positive attitude towards living with diabetes and other healthcare concerns; thus promoting confidence and enthusiasm.

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