What Can I Eat? INDIA


WHAT CAN I EAT? INDIA is a 20 page Discussion Book™ designed specifically for the food and culture of India to help prevent and control diabetes.

WHAT CAN I EAT? INDIA, thoughtfully helps people from India who are at risk or have prediabetes/diabetes look at how they currently eat and by the end of the book, what they can do differently to help prevent and control diabetes.

Potluck Puzzle Discussion Books™ are designed to reinforce important nutrition topics for people striving to make healthy food choices.

Topics covered include:

  • Self-Assessment
  • Identifying Indian foods which contain carbohydrates
  • Choosing Indian foods that are good sources of fiber
  • How to balance your meals and find moderation
  • Choosing protein foods with meals
  • Restaurant ordering
  • Many suggestions on how to eat to achieve a healthy weight without going on a diet

Bonus sections at the end of the book provides an opportunity for selecting 1 or 2 new positive food habits to focus on and a listing of the "Amount of Carbohydrates in Commonly Eaten Foods in an Indian Diet"