Welcome Fellow Lions


My name is Lion James (Jamie) Mahon and I am a proud member of the Natick Lions Club in the Great Commonwealth of Massachusetts (District 33K). I am also happy to hold the position as our Districts Diabetes Awareness Chairperson.

After calling around the country and talking with fellow Diabetes Awareness Chairs, I began to realize a lack of direction and program options from Lions International on how to promote Diabetes Awareness in our communities. My wife, Lion Katherine, myself and all the members of the Natick Lions Club have decided to offer a new Diabetes Awareness Program for all of Lions to promote in their very own communities.

The Lions Diabetes Awareness Program Mission Statement is:

To conduct and support local and large-scale effort leading to the control and treatment of diabetes and its complications through education, prevention and research.

So far there has been much support behind this program with Lions Diabetes Chairs from many states becoming involved in promoting the program. (CT,MA,PA,WA,British Columbia, Idaho, WI,NY to name some). I have also been in contact with Marilee Kadar (Manager of Health and Children Services at Lions International Chicago office) and she is supporting all Lions Clubs to participate. Earlier this year, the Diabetes Awareness Program was also brought to the attention of the next President of Lions International, Al Brandel.(SEE LIONS BLOG)

Lions Clubs can make their Diabetes Awareness Program as simple or as grand as they can imagine with this program.

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