National Diabetes Month


Lions International has designated Novemeber as Lions Diabetes Education Month and encourages all Lions Clubs, Districts, and Multiple Districts to have a Diabetes Awareness Program. However, there is not much direction given and only one definitive program offered;The Strides Program.

As wonderful the Strides Program is for Lions Clubs, it is a very labor intensive program to organize and support. Most Lions Clubs believe they don't have the time or mapower to plan such an event for their communities.

The reason most Lions Clubs don't have a Diabetes Awareness Program is not that that they don't want to have one in their community, but because Lions Clubs are looking for a simple cost effective program that is easy to organize yet still will have an impact for diabetes education and awareness.

The Natick Lions Club and Potluck Puzzles have put together a program that solves the problem of What? and How? Lions Clubs can have a fun and easy cost effective Diabetes Awareness Program in their very own community!!!!

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