Discussion Books™

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What are Discussion Books™?

How Discussion Books™ Can Help Patients and Providers

Discussion Books™ were created by a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator who saw a need for a colorful, picture-filled education tool that would create a positive patient attitude towards living with prediabetes/diabetes and other healthcare concerns; thus promoting patient confidence and enthusiasm.

Potluck Puzzle Discussion Books™ provide an innovative approach to:

  • adult inpatient/outpatient education
  • family education
  • support groups
  • wellness programs
  • great marketing tool for health fairs and special promotions such as National Diabetes Month and any company dealing in diabetes.

It is a constant struggle for people with diabetes to balance eating, checking blood sugars, exercising and often taking medications in order to maintain good blood sugar control. Success depends in part on motivation and knowledge. Potluck Puzzle Discussion Books™ offer a positive means for people to help manage their diabetes. Not only do people enjoy these tools; but they will want to share them with friends and family. Potluck Puzzles drive home important educational topics and allow people to learn in a fun environment.

Potluck Puzzles’ first two Discussion Books™ "What Can I Eat?" and "Are You In Control?" take on the topic of Diabetes and Nutrition. Discussion Books™ offer a new, fun, interactive educational tool to help people with prediabetes/diabetes make good choices and we invite you to use them in your health care plan.

If you have heard of or use Conversation Maps® you should be interested in using Potluck Puzzle Discussion Books™. Discussion Books™ are easy to use, take up minimal office space and can be used not only in the classroom setting but as a practical tool for one on one visits in an office setting.