Potluck Puzzles, LLC (PLP) is a healthcare publishing company headquarted in Natick, Massachusetts; creating innovative educational tools for today's healthcare concerns that benifit both provider and patient.

Our Mission Statement:

Potluck Puzzles, LLC (PLP) strives to provide enjoyable, interactive nutrition health related Discussion Books™ using various types of puzzles. Our Discussion Books™ are designed to provide a unique interactive approach for promoting self management and education by addressing patient questions that are frequently asked to health care providers. Our goal is to be the number one puzzle book educational resource for health professionals and the patient community. Our mission is to promote patient involvement and self empowerment.

Potluck Puzzles, LLC Management:


James Mahon is a proven and experienced Sales Executive that has worked for leading healthcare and retail companies since 1990. James' has a background in Diabetes that centers around Autonomic Neuropathy.

Vice-President / Owner
Katherine Mahon is a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), Registered Dietitian with a Master's Degree in Nutrition. Katherine has been working in nutrition counseling for eight years in the greater Boston community.

Katherine's passion for nutrition education combined with her creative talent led her to come up with the idea for Educational Discussion Books™ for nutrition, diabetes and other healthcare issues.

James and Katherine incorporated Potluck Puzzles, LLC in October, 2006.

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