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Discussion Books™ Make Impact on Diabetes Education; Available in English, Spanish and for India


It is a constant struggle for people with diabetes to balance eating, checking blood sugars, exercising and often taking medications in order to maintain good blood sugar control. Success depends in part on motivation and knowledge. Potluck Puzzle Discussion Books™ offer a positive means for people to help manage their diabetes. Not only do people enjoy these tools; but they will want to share them with friends and family. Potluck Puzzles drive home important educational topics and allow people to learn in a fun environment.

Potluck Puzzles Introduces a NEW Diabetes Educational Tool Designed Specifically for the People and Culture of INDIA


WHAT CAN I EAT? INDIA is a 20 page Discussion Book™ designed specifically for the food and culture of India to help prevent and control diabetes.

WHAT CAN I EAT? INDIA, thoughtfully helps people from India who are at risk or have prediabetes/diabetes look at how they currently eat and by the end of the book, what they can do differently to help prevent and control diabetes.

Potluck Puzzle Discussion Books™ are designed to reinforce important nutrition topics for people striving to make healthy food choices.

Topics covered include:


Potluck Puzzles Launches New Diabetes & Nutrition Website


Potluck Puzzles invites you to learn more about our innovative Discussion Books™ on Diabetes & Nutrition and to test your diabetes knowledge by trying our interactive puzzle on our updated website launched on June 20th.

New Educational Tool for Providers

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Get your patients actively thinking about diabetes self-care; Give them Potluck Puzzles Discussion Books™.

Studies show that adult learners prefer problem solving and active learning. So, as diabetes educators, why do we spend the majority of our counseling sessions lecturing? Lecturing is easier for the provider, and it creates a well controlled environment, safe for the provider. Often patients will just nod in agreement and ask few questions in response to this technique. I have found getting patients actively involved is more fun for me and more motivating for patients.

Lions International Supports Natick Lions Club Diabetes Awareness Program


“Thank you very much for sending us samples of your diabetes "Potluck Puzzles" booklets. We have reviewed them and feel that they are an excellent resource for Lions to use in promoting diabetes awareness for children and adults. Both the "Are You In Control?" and "What Can I Eat?" booklets are informative, colorful, fun and easy-to-use.”……..

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Former National Diabetes Educator of the Year Endorses Potluck Puzzle Discussion Books™!!!


"Potluck Puzzle Discussion Books™ are a delightfully fun way for adults to learn about diabetes. Whether in class or on a one-on-one basis, the colorful puzzles inspire thought for the newcomer or experienced person with diabetes. Potluck Puzzles Discussion Books™ are a perfect addition to any program."

Theresa Garnero, APRN, BC-ADM, MSN, CDE, former National Diabetes Educator of the Year and cartoonist

Potluck Puzzles Lands Front Page Headline (June 07)


Natick company pens puzzle publications focused on diabetes
GateHouse News Service
Sun Jun 03, 2007, 12:04 AM EDT

The puzzle shows nine colorful drawings of cheese, bread, milk, meat, corn, potatoes, a cookie, butter and watermelon. The reader's challenge is to determine which of these foods contain carbohydrates. Knowing this information is particularly important for people with diabetes as carbohydrates raise blood sugar.