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Levemir Does Not Increase Risk of Cancer: Studies

Thu, 10/01/2009 - 18:01
VIENNA (Reuters) - Novo Nordisk's Levemir was not associated in any increase in incidence of cancer when compared with human insulin in studies including some 9,000 patients, according to a new analysis released on Thursday.
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Indian Ethnicity Tied to Higher Diabetes Risk

Thu, 10/01/2009 - 18:00
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Americans of Indian descent may have a heightened risk of diabetes, even when their weight is in the normal range, research suggests.
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Poor Math Skills May Worsen Diabetes Control

Fri, 09/25/2009 - 18:00
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A new study suggests that diabetic adults' ability to work with numbers may affect their management of the disease -- and that, in turn, may help explain racial differences in diabetes control.
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Girl's Rare Form of Diabetes Leads to Injection-free Treatment for Some

Wed, 09/23/2009 - 12:05
CHICAGO - Three years after she made medical history and was freed from painful insulin injections, 9-year-old Lilly Jaffe is just beginning to understand how much her story changed the course of diabetes research and treatment.
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People with Diabetes Hit Hard by Hurricane Katrina

Wed, 09/16/2009 - 21:31
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - People with diabetes are among the hardest-hit of Hurricane Katrina's victims, and many of them are likely still feeling the effects today, new research shows.
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Priority groups will get swine flu shots first

Wed, 09/16/2009 - 20:35
The federal government has decided five groups should be first in line for swine flu vaccines: .
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Diabetes Forecast Offers "10 Tips" to Save Money and Improve Your Health

Wed, 09/16/2009 - 16:30
ALEXANDRIA, VA, Sep 16, 2009 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Diabetes has so many costs -- to your health, your emotions, and of course, your wallet.
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Diabetes Drugs Alone Do Not Ease Key Heart Risk

Tue, 09/15/2009 - 21:48
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Drugs used to control diabetes do not reduce signs of inflammation that are linked with heart disease, U.S.
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Steroids Help Some with Vision-robbing Clots: Study

Mon, 09/14/2009 - 21:17
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Injections with a steroid improved the eyesight of more than one-quarter of patients suffering from vision-robbing blood clots, a leading cause of blindness, researchers said on Monday.
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